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Ted’s Magnum Preacher Jig® By Talon Fishing                         


Talon Fishing continues making the ONLY Authentic Preacher Jigs® in the way and technique they were originally made by the famed Georgia Preacher himself. Years ago, a Georgia bait company bought the bait and name from the preacher and manufactured a production version of the bait for a short period of time, then abandoned the bait and its name for many years. In early 2014 Talon recognized the need to bring back this classic bait and legally acquired exclusive ownership and rights to produce the Preacher Jig®.


We take extreme pride in our workmanship and are dedicated to honoring the original Georgia preacher and his legacy by keeping to the same quality and attention to detail that made his baits famous. We were blessed to receive several of his own original baits and have worked from these samples, along with extensive and invaluable discussions and testing with folks who were faithful friends of the man himself and who used his jigs for many years.


Along the way these folks have suggested several modifications that would improve the original and make it more relevant to today’s angling styles, like making the bait even longer by combining premium bucktail with extra-long, flowing natural hair that was not readily available to the preacher back then. Everyone agreed that the original head tended to fall to the side when they would momentary stop the bait on the bottom between rips, so we designed a head around the original hook that rests upright. We’ve kept the original feather placement which was one of the preacher’s secrets to the subtle action and vibration that helped make his bait so successful, and we continue using only the softest premium bucktail and 100% natural hair to enhance flowing, seductive action.


We’ve now developed the Ted’s Magnum Preacher Jig® to handle today’s heavier tackle and faster reel speeds. It has the same natural, flowing hair combination but boasts heavier sizes built around our own custom Mustad 30° Heavy Wire Black Nickel hooks – 5/8oz and 3/4oz sizes sport a big 6/0 hook, and the 1oz size sports a massive 7/0 hook. The Ted’s Magnum Preacher Jig is designed to hold up to about anything you can throw at it. A series of Peacock Bass colors are included in the lineup.


We at Talon continue to be very secretive about the hair we use in addition to our premium bucktail in our Preacher Jigs®, however we guarantee that it is 100% soft natural hair with its own unique, flowing action that can’t be achieved with synthetic or any other hair. It is expensive, difficult to source, and is harvested in a completely cruelty free manner.


Preacher Jig® is a Registered Trademark of Talon Fishing Unlimited, Inc. Use of the word "preacher" to describe any lure not made by Talon Fishing is prohibited by Federal Law.


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