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Talon Vintage Living Rubber Flipping Jigs

We’re bringing back the jig that started it all over 30 years ago! Simplicity with a few modern improvements make this multi purpose, living rubber jig a winner that excels at flipping, pitching and casting.

Our Talon Living Rubber Jig is a modified classic arkie - style shape built on a stout, sticky sharp Mustad 60 degree heavy Black Nickel hook. The angle delivers maximum hookset power directly to the point where it’s needed. Once the point has penetrated and the hook is set, the round bend maintains pressure well away from the barb for a secure fight and fewer thrown baits. Our Talon V-Claw Bait Keeper is built in to securely hold plastic trailers, and the wide gap accommodates thicker pork rind trailers easily without interfering with the hookset.

The head is coated with our proprietary IntellicoatTM Super Durable lure coating. The extremely hard poly coating is not only the most durable finish in the industry, it transmits feel better than liquid spray or smooth powder coated finishes. A medium density fiber weedguard gives maximum protection from snags with minimal bite interference, and the ample length can be left as is or custom trimmed to preference.

With over 30 years’ experience tying rubber skirts, we’re experts in the field. We source the finest, freshest medium gauge, soft round rubber that has a much longer useful life than flat or square rubber but maintains the enticing action that makes rubber skirts so effective. We use only genuine Flashabou for accents, the softest flash product available. Our skirts are hand tied with copper wire for consistent quality and are moderately thick with about 60 strands. We tie them long for a large, flowing profile with the option to trim to preference.

Also available at Tackle Warehouse

Proudly Made In America

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