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Talon Lil' Dandy Spinnerbait

You asked for it and here it is! Introducing the new Talon Lil' Dandy Compact Spinnerbait! It's a little 1/4oz dynamo that's equipped to deliver some serious attitude! We built it on an incredibly sharp 3/0 Nickel Teflon coated hook with over 300% less friction than a black nickel finish, which means effortless solid hooksets. No gimmick there - it's brutal. We use a .030 Super Stainless wire for super duper vibration and the ability to increase blade sizes to really rock those fish out of hiding and into biting. A traditional flat rubber skirt is added for proven, unbeatable action, and we offer a wide variety of nickel, 24K Gold and painted blade colors and styles. And it wouldn't be a top shelf bait without a genuine SAMPO Ball Bearing Swivel, simply the best swivel out there for over 60 years and the only swivel we put on our spinnerbaits.
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