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Talon Yuugyo Swim Jigs

2019 Yuugyo Matt ChrisTalon heavy duty Yuugyo™ Swim Jig has earned a proven track record among the most discriminating anglers. Our custom Shibui™ head is built around a heavy wire premium Mustad 30° black nickel hook that means business. A natural, inherent swimming action that mimics natural forage is achieved through perfect balance and extensive design testing. The flattened belly helps stabilize the bait, keeping it running upright and deflecting off debris without snagging, often bringing jarring strikes. Our Talon V-Claw™ Baitkeeper keeps trailers extra secure without tearing and wallowing out. A custom fiber weedguard is set at the perfect angle to deflect snags yet not interfere with the bite.


Realistic gill plates and eye sockets with gel filled 3-D eyes give the head a realistic presentation. Each head is hand painted with custom combinations of color shifting pigments that add to the attraction. And, Talon’s proprietary paint finish system is the toughest on the market for maximum durability.


At Talon we take our skirts seriously. Each custom skirt is meticulously hand tied with up to 9 different colors of premium silicone and then copper wire tied to the bait. After all, if you’re paying for a skirted jig we believe the skirt should stay where it belongs no matter how many fish you catch on it. 


Here's the details:
1/4oz - 4/0 30° Mustad Heavy Black Nickel Hook

3/8 and ½ - 5/0 30° Mustad Heavy Black Nickel Hook

3/4oz – Custom 6/0 30° Mustad Heavy Black Nickel Hook. You won’t find this hook in any other bait!
Talon's V-Claw Wire Baitkeeper
Copper Wire Wrapped Skirts


Talon Fishing is known for excellence in innovative product design and performance that gives anglers that extra edge they need to succeed. It’s because we believe details matter, even the smallest ones deserve our attention. From using the very highest quality components to painstaking assembly protocols, each member of our team at Talon takes pride in delivering the very best quality to our customers.



Proudly Made In America


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Photo is of Matt Lee and Chris Baugh with first place win at Media Bass Ray Roberts.
Use of the Trademarks "Shibui" and "Yuugyo" to describe any fishing lure not made by Talon Fishing is prohibited by Federal Law.
The Shibui Custom Head Design is Trademarked and Copyrighted as original artwork. Talon Fishing Unlimited Inc reserves all rights.
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