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Talon Bucktail Preacher Jig

Our Talon Preacher Jig® is the authentic reproduction of the original jig made my the famed Georgia preacher. We were blessed to receive several of his original baits and have worked from these samples. We are proud to keep to the same quality and attention to detail that made his baits the most sought after hair jigs across the Southeast.
We worked extensively with Pete Ponds and several other folks who were friends of the preacher man and faithful users of his jigs. Along the way we gathered a "wish list" of suggestions that would improve the original while still keeping the bait authentic. It was imperative to us that everyone agree that any modifications would pass the preacher's approval, were he able to.

The longer the hair, the better the success of the technique, so we increased the length by combining premium bucktail with extra-long, flowing natural hair that was not readily available on the market back in the day. Our baits sport 6 to 8 inches of premium, natural hair.

Everyone agreed that the original hook style and diameter was critical to keep, however the original head tended to fall to the side when at rest, so we designed a head around the original 90º hook that rests upright and deflects off cover without rolling to the side. The original technique incorporated lighter lines that would maximize the action of the bait, with a lighter wire hook that enabled an effective hookset without tearing a large hole in the flesh, preventing the bait from being thrown easily. 1/2oz and 5/8oz have 5/0 Mustad Black Nickel Hooks. 3/4oz is built on 6/0 Mustad Black Nickel Hooks.

We’ve kept the original feather placement which was one of the preacher’s secrets to the subtle action and vibration that helped make the preacher's bait so successful.



Proudly Made In America


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