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Talon Fishing Unlimited, Inc. has developed an innovative, one of a kind lure coating technology that results in the toughest lure finish ever produced. Period. Talon's IntellicoatTM Super Durable Lure Coating is ideal for use on jig heads and significantly prolongs the useful life of the product it is applied to.

IntellicoatTM Super Durable Lure Coating technology was lab tested against a variety of other lure finishes on a wide range of competitors' different products including standard liquid paints with clearcoats, powder coated products, as well as other jig finishes being advertised as the most durable in the industry. Lure samples were exposed to abrasion as well as impact testing, evaluated and ranked. Experiments were repeated multiple times using different bait examples to gain an understanding of individual bait variables. Ranking values were combined for a total durability rating for each finish. IntellicoatTM Super Durable Lure Coating consistently outperformed all others for durability in both abrasion and impact resistance.
Controlled laboratory tests show IntellicoatTM Super Durable Lure Coating is:
19X more durable than liquid lure coatings
7X more durable than smooth powder coatings
6X more durable than competitor's "best" powder coating

In addition to controlled lab testing, IntellicoatTM Super Durable Lure Coating was extensively field tested on the rugged rocks of Lake Of The Ozarks, known as some of the most abrasive in the country, and did not wear through even after hundreds of casts. The company’s Pro Staff reports that they have been unable to wear through the paint under a wide variety of conditions.

In addition to a durable finish, IntellicoatTM Super Durable Lure Coating creates a hard, textured finish that adds surface area without increasing head size, which significantly increases the angler’s feel of the structure/cover being fished. The finish completely eliminates missed bites due to glare from chipped or peeling paint. In addition, because the lure head stays completely sealed, the coating creates a much greener, more ecologically friendly product.

IntellicoatTM Super Durable Lure Coating is simply the toughest lure finish ever developed. Period. And it’s available ONLY on Talon Custom Jigs.

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