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Talon Big Dandy Flutter Spoons

Proudly Made In America 

TALON Big DandyTM Custom Lake Fork Flutter Spoons are the rage at lakes across the country and have can produce unbelievable limits just about any time of the year, and are especially deadly when ripped over submerged grassbeds, rock piles, points, ditches and channel ledges. 
Big DandyTM Flutter Spoons are 4-3/4" long and weigh 1.25 ounces - the exact size, length and weight used by Kelly Jordon on the Ultimate Match Fishing Show. This is the original spoon that started the whole structure spoon craze and Talon is now the only manufacturer offering the original versatile, productive design.
What makes TALON Big DandyTM Flutter Spoons the best value? They feature excellence in quality, workmanship and design. Custom paints, reflective glitters, and the best holographic prism tapes in the industry are professionally applied for the most beautiful and durable finishes available. Finish absolutely will not peel or flake away. All spoons feature heavy American Made brass base stock and a premium, reflective nickel chrome finish. Each 3X Strong, super sharp #1 VMC Treble Hook is hand tied with Flashabou for extra flash and fish attraction. Heavy duty stainless steel, spring tempered split rings attach the hook and make the line tie.

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Proudly Made In America

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