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NEW Yuugyo DP Bling Swim Jig

Why is this one called the Yuugyo DP Bling Swim Jig? Longtime Toledo Bend fisherman and former Nasa Engineer, Donny Powell, has tweaked our original Yuugyo™ Swim Jig by adding flash and vibration, two elements proven to attract bass. Donny engineered a proprietary blade assembly utilizing a premium Willow blade attached to a genuine SAMPO ball bearing swivel, the smoothest most reliable swivel ever made. The blade assembly is attached securely to the hook at a 90 degree angle keeping it just behind the skirt for a compact, flashy presentation. To make the jig as versatile as possible, the blade assembly can be easily removed if a plastic trailer is preferred, and then securely replaced again as desired.


We've also added a heavier 3/4oz size built around our own custom heavy wire 6/0 Mustad 30° hook. You won’t find this hook on ANY other jig!


Here’s the details:


1/4oz - 4/0 30° Mustad Heavy Black Nickel Hook, #3.5 Nickel or 24K Gold Willow blade

3/8 and ½ - 5/0 30° Mustad Heavy Black Nickel Hook, #4 Nickel or 24K Gold Willow blade

3/4oz – Custom 6/0 30° Mustad Heavy Black Nickel Hook, #4 Nickel or 24K Gold Willow blade


Our original Yuugyo™ Swim Jig has a proven track record among the most discriminating anglers. From the natural swimming action to the heavy wire premium Mustad hook, from our own Talon V-Claw™ Baitkeeper to our hand tied wire wrapped skirts, color shifting realistic paint schemes and realistic 3-D eyes, no detail is overlooked.

Talon Fishing is known for excellence in innovative product design and performance that give anglers that extra edge they need to succeed. It’s because we believe details matter, even the smallest ones deserve our attention. From using the very highest quality components to painstaking assembly protocols, each member of our team at Talon takes pride in delivering the very best quality to our customers.


Proudly Made In America




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Billy McCaghren
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