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Talon Yana Prop Jig

The concept of the Shibui YanaTM will change the way you think about swim jigs. It’s like a swim jig on steroids, with a spinning propeller that creates clicking sound, vibration and flash as the jig shimmies through the water.

The Shibui YanaTM Swim Jig is built around a stout 6/0 Mustad Ultrapoint Black Nickel hook that can easily handle large, bulky swimbaits, heavy line and huge bass. Talon’s exclusive V-Claw trailer keeper keeps trailers secure. The Shibui YanaTM head is shaped and balanced to create an exagerated shimmying motion that performs true without rolling even at high speeds, and imparts an irresistable swimming action to a wide range of trailers.

The Japanese word “Yana” means fish trap, and this new take on swim jigs is practically as effective at loading the boat. The Shibui YanaTM can be slow rolled and bumped along bottom cover, counted down and retrieved through suspended bass, dropped vertically through treetops, and even burned near the top similar to a buzzbait. Bass have never seen anything like the Shibui YanaTM, and will react aggressively to it.
Keeping true to the Shibui standard of quality, the Shibui YanaTM features beautiful, lifelike heads with 3-D eyes and hand tied, copper wire wrapped skirts. A wide selection of custom colors are available. If you’re ready to take your jig swimming to the extreme level, you’re ready for the Shibui YanaTM.
Proudly Made In America

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The Shibui Custom Head Design is Trademarked and Copyrighted as original artwork. Talon Fishing Unlimited Inc reserves all rights.
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