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Successful fishermen know that the way to catch a bass is to appeal to his stomach, and they understand the need to present him with a “dinner bell” he understands. Thick, oil based scent formulas have been the standard for years, however these compounds are insoluble in water and therefore trap scent molecules, keeping them from ever reaching the bass. When it comes to a bass’ smell, water soluble amino acids and other biological molecules produced by live prey are the language he understands. Science has provided us with the ability to isolate these compounds and manipulate certain combinations that will cause instinctive, impulsive feeding behavior in bass.
Talon Fishing Unlimited, Inc. has unleashed a line of premium soft plastic baits enhanced with Talon BassAppealTM Feeding Stimulant, a scientifically formulated combination of specific amino acids and natural biological extracts that stimulate the olfactory (scent) receptors in bass and produce a strong, involuntary feeding response. Active ingredients are dispersed into the water around the bait to deliver key biological molecules directly to bass in the area you’re fishing. A second set of biological stimulants target the taste buds, telling the bass that your lure is indeed food. Studies show that the biological compounds and amino acids in BassAppealTM Feeding Stimulant are actually healthy for fish and are used in many commercial diets. 

Talon Fishing Unlimited Custom Plastic Baits are made from a top quality, soft plastic formula that nearly duplicates a hand poured consistency. Proven designs have been tweaked with attention to action that visually stimulates a prey response. Each design is injected with its own specific salt formula for ideal performance of that design, and provides an explosion of salty taste when the bass bites down on the bait. Talon’s powerful garlic scent adds another layer of attraction. BassAppealTM Feeding Stimulant is never exposed to the high temperatures during injection that destroy amino acids and biological extracts and render those compounds useless. Instead, BassAppealTM Feeding Stimulant is added to the bait through a cold process after injection for the highest level of potency.

Talon Fishing Unlimited Custom Plastic Baits have it all: Proven designs, salty formulas, powerful garlic scent, and BassAppealTM Feeding Stimulant, the most advanced and potent biological attractant on the market today.
Talon Premium Soft Plastic Baits With BassAppeal
Talon 4" Rowdy Bug
Talon 4" Rowdy Bug
Talon Custom 5" Bling Stick
Talon Custom 5" Bling Stick
Talon Carolina Worm
Talon Custom 6.5 Inch Carolina Finesse Worm
Talon Custom Big 10 Inch Swamp Wiggler
Talon Custom Big 10 Inch Swamp Wiggler Worm
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