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TALON Rattle Jigs

Talon Rattle Jigs lead the flipping jig market in quality, durability and performance. Anglers love their classic, versatile design because it excels at flipping, pitching, and swimming techniques, which means they can streamline their tackle selection. 

Built around our Heavy Wire 5/0 Mustad Ultrapoint Black Nickel Hook, we've angled the hook to deliver maximum power directly to the hook point for quick penetration. Weight of the fish is then transferred to the center of the round bend of the hook - away from the tip - making hooksets more secure for fewer thrown baits.

Our custom head is perfectly balanced to fall and land upright for a natural crawfish action and fewer snags. Our proprietary Intellicoat Lure Coating covers the head with the most durable lure finish ever invented.

At Talon we take our skirts seriously. Each custom skirt is meticulously hand tied with up to 9 different colors of premium silicone and then copper wire tied to the bait. After all, if you’re paying for a skirted jig we believe the skirt should stay where it belongs no matter how many fish you catch on it.

Here's the details:
5/0 Heavy Wire Mustad Ultrapoint Flipping Hook
Talon V-Claw Wire Baitkeeper
Copper wire wrapped skirts
Dual Rattle Chambers are removable if desired
Proudly Made In America






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Billy McCaghren Elite Angler 
Billy McCaghren
FLW Tour Pro

Pete Ponds Elite Angler 
Pete Ponds
FLW Tour Pro

Elite Angler Ben Matsubu 
Ben Matsubu
Lakes Toledo Bend and
Sam Rayburn Guide,
Jig Fishing Expert and
Team Talon Angler


Lee Pitts
Alabama Lakes Professional
Fishing Guide and
Team Talon Angler

Phil and Jonathan Hennigan Media Bass Win
Phil Hennigan
Team Talon Angler
With Son
Jonathan Hennigan


Jeremy Burge and Kraig Welborn
Jeremy Burge
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Kraig Welborn


Kraig Welborn Bass N Bucks With Jeremy Burge
Kraig Welborn
Toledo Bend
Record Bass Holder
Team Talon Angler