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Talon Preacher Spin

The Talon Preacher Spin® pumps up our legendary Preacher Jig® with the flash and vibration of a twin arm spinnerbait. It’s like a throwback to the vintage Shannon Twin Spin that’s been modernized to meet the demands of today’s fishing styles.


The bait is built with a stout 6/0 Extra Long Shank Mustad Ultrapoint hook. A .040 spring tempered stainless main frame is the perfect length for great hookups and maximum durability. The twin arms are hand bent .030 spring tempered stainless for awesome vibration, and each tip is finished with a twisted loop for maximum durability.


Our lifelike 3/4oz Shibui™ minnow head sports realistic gill plates and eye sockets, and lifelike gel filled 3-D eyes. Each bait is hand painted with our proprietary color shifting pigments and super durable top coat. Premium 24K Gold, nickel or powder coated oversized blades are attached with genuine Sampo swivels to assure the blades spin with just a whisper of movement.


We hand tie each bait using our proprietary combination of soft, natural hair, premium bucktail, rooster hackle, and Flashabou for a supersized 7 inch offering that bass can’t ignore.


Fished as a deep structure tool, the Talon Preacher Spin® excels when fished along ledges. The flat bottom head adds balance to the bait and deflects off cover, often triggering violent strikes. The twin rotating blades spin at the slightest movement and create thumping vibration at even super slow retrieves. A rip-and-fall technique is quite deadly.

Proudly Made In America


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