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Talon Rattlin' FlipSkirts

Talon Rattlin' FlipSkirtsTM hit the jackpot with the first ever sliding, clicking, rattling Punch Skirt designed to enhance any Texas rigged bait! The sleeve is designed to fit the concave curve of most bullet weights and creates a unique sound when clicked together during fishing. Use of tungsten, brass or steel weights amplifies the clicking sound. Dual magnum rattles on each skirt add another sound dimension that’s unique to the Rattlin' FlipSkirtTM, and can be removed when a more subtle clicking sound is desired. It's a perfect way to achieve the bulkier profile of a jig and maintain the weedless capability of a Texas rig.

Custom silicone skirts are hand tied and wire wrapped to the sleeve for maximum durability. 2 Skirts per pack.

To rig the Rattlin' FlipSkirtTM you'll need a bullet weight and your favorite hook. Try them with our Talon Big 10 Inch Swamp Wiggler worms for an awesome warm weather combo!

Proudly Made In America

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