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Talon 6.5" Carolina Worm

Finicky bass are no challenge for the Talon Carolina Worm. Popular Carolina rigged, on a shaky head, or drop shot, the Carolina Worm is also deadly when wacky rigged, Texas rigged with a lighter weight or fished weightless as a jerk worm. The larger diameter at the end of the tail creates turbulence as the bait moves which, along with the soft, salty formula causes lots of squirming, wiggling action.

Each bait is enhanced with BassAppealTM Feeding Stimulant, Talon's own scientifically formulated combination of specific amino acids and natural biological extracts that stimulate the olfactory (scent) receptors in bass and produce the strongest involuntary feeding response ever available to anglers. Soluble active ingredients are dispersed into the water around the bait to deliver key biological molecules directly to bass in the area around the bait. A second set of biological stimulants target the taste buds, telling the bass that your lure is indeed food. Talon’s powerful garlic scent adds another layer of attraction. The Talon Carolina Worm has what it takes to put fish in the boat no matter what the conditions!

Proudly Made In America

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