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Talon 5.5" Riptail Shad

The Talon 5.5 Inch Riptail Minnow with Bass Appeal Feeding Stimulant is a unique, versatile soft plastic bait with a vertical paddle tail that thumps wildly when retrieved. This is a hefty bait that mimics large prey and attracts giant bass. The Riptail Minnow is right at home either Texas rigged or as a jig trailer. A belly slot for the hook assures maximum bite area and weedless performance. Rings on the fat body hold tiny air bubbles and create a softer mouth feel when bass bite down.
Baits are enhanced with BassAppealTM Feeding Stimulant, Talon's own scientifically formulated combination of specific amino acids and natural biological extracts that stimulate the olfactory (scent) receptors in bass to produce the strongest involuntary feeding response ever available to fishermen. Soluble active ingredients are dispersed into the water around the bait to deliver key biological molecules directly to bass in the area around the bait. A second set of biological stimulants target the taste buds, telling the bass that your lure is indeed food. Talon’s powerful garlic scent adds another layer of attraction. The moderately soft, salty formula provides enticing action with durability in mind for peak performance.
***This item is offered online only and is not a dealer eligible item***

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