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SHIBUI Twin Spin Spinnerbait By Talon

The Shibui TwinSpin Spinnerbait adds even more tricks to what’s already widely considered the most versatile bait in the tackle box. The Shibui TwinSpin excels as a deep structure fishing tool, a drop bait around timber, bridge pilings and bluff lines, and as a wake bait. Three sizes are available for shallow, medium and deep running applications

Fished as a deep structure tool, the Shibui TwinSpin is designed to be dredged along the bottom for Slow Rolling and Dead Dragging techniques. The flat bottom head adds balance to the bait and crawls over debris. The twin rotating blades spin at the slightest movement and create thumping vibration at even super slow retrieves. Think jig retrieve with this technique.

As a drop bait, the Shibui TwinSpin is balanced and tuned to fall vertically without spiraling and tangling line. Go ahead, run the Shibui TwinSpin up to a piling, timber or submerged bluff, kill your retrieve and watch the flash from the spinning blades as they fall straight down to suspended bass. A rip-and-fall technique is also deadly.

The downsized blades and compact, twin arm design also make the Shibui TwinSpin an excellent wake bait. Burn it over grassbeds, then kill the retrieve at the edge to wake up tight-lipped bass. The flattened head deflects off cover without snagging and can produce violent strikes.

The Shibui TwinSpin is built with a stout 5/0 Mustad Ultrapoint hook and a compact stainless frame for great hookups and twice the vibration of a standard spinnerbait. The spring tempered stainless steel frame is hand bent and twisted for durability. Sampo swivels assure the premium blades spin with just a whisper of movement. A hand detailed head with lifelike 3-D eyes and a hand tied, copper wire wrapped skirt complete the package. Available in 3/8oz, 1/2oz and 3/4oz sizes and a wide selection of premium tarnish free blades.

Proudly Made In America

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