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Talon Hybrid Shibui Ookii Jig

The Shibui Ookii Jig is an enormous, one-of-a-kind 6 inch long living rubber jig. The highly bouyant, super thick skirt is designed to open much like a giant flower blooming to reveal your favorite trailer suspended in the center of numerous short, urchin-like strands. Our hand tied, wire wrapped skirts are a unique combination of premium living rubber and silicone accents, making a wide range of custom colors possible. The Ookii's enormous, bouyant, blooming, undulating action is perfect when bass are feeding on large prey.
The Shibui Ookii Living Rubber Jig is available in our Original Flipping and Football styles.
Hand Tied Copper Wire Wrapped Hybrid Rubber/Silicone Skirts
 Proudly Made In America
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Billy McCaghren Elite Angler 
Billy McCaghren
FLW Tour Pro

Pete Ponds Elite Angler 
Pete Ponds
FLW Tour Pro

Elite Angler Ben Matsubu 
Ben Matsubu
Lakes Toledo Bend and
Sam Rayburn Guide,
Jig Fishing Expert and
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Lee Pitts
Alabama Lakes Professional
Fishing Guide and
Team Talon Angler

Phil and Jonathan Hennigan Media Bass Win
Phil Hennigan
Team Talon Angler
With Son
Jonathan Hennigan


Jeremy Burge and Kraig Welborn
Jeremy Burge
Team Talon Angler
Kraig Welborn


Kraig Welborn Bass N Bucks With Jeremy Burge
Kraig Welborn
Toledo Bend
Record Bass Holder
Team Talon Angler