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Pete Ponds Finesse Swim Jig By Talon

When Pete Ponds came to us with a request to work with him to design a swim jig that would excel with lighter line, we were elated! It's not every day one gets the opportunity to really look into an Elite Anglers' mind and see what they're thinking. Pete's ideas for his signature series swim jig came from frustration over the quality and performance of the light, "Northern style" swim jigs available to him. He wanted a finesse style swim jig with a natural minnow look that incorporated a thin wire hook set at a specific angle, an effective screw lock trailer keeper, and a top quality, durable skirt. After over a year of prototyping and testing, we finally hit the perfect model.
The Pete Ponds Finesse Swim Jig combines the light tackle attributes typically found in Northern style swim jigs with the natural presentation of the Shibui minnow head. The smaller profile of the bait excels in clear water, and the angle of the custom Mustad black nickel hook enables quick penetration even over long distances with light line. The jig can be cast very long distances and makes a stealthy landing, minimizing spooking wary bass. Pete's screw lock bait keeper is positioned on the hook for securing trailers with minimal damage, even with softer hand poured trailers. Custom 40 - 42 strand count silicone skirts in Pete's own favorite colors are hand tied and wire wrapped for superior performance. Skirts can be fished as is for a slightly larger, more opaque profile that is desirable in stained water or when bait is a bit larger, or some (or all) of the inner strands can be trimmed for a more streamlined presentation in clear water or when bass are chasing smaller baitfish.


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