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Custom Jigs

Welcome to the finest collection of hand made, custom jigs you'll find anywhere! Talon Custom Jigs are designed to perform flawlessly in their intended application, and you'll find a jig made for just about any application right here. Each Talon design is unique and created by our own master craftsmen, and we work with many different professional anglers to test and perfect our models. At Talon, we cast our baits using our own custom designed and manufactured molds, not generic heads or molds because that is simply not a custom product. Each of our bait styles are unique and designed for maximum fishability, which means maximum results.

Each Talon Jig is manufactured from casting to assembly to packaging right here at our Texas facility, giving us full control over our product quality. We practice Made In U.S.A. protocols and use American Made parts and components whenever possible.

All Talon Jigs feature hand tied and wire wrapped skirts. Our skirt colors lead the industry in meticulous detail and effects.

Talon Jigs feature IntellicoatTM Super Durable Lure Coating, which sets the  standard in extreme lure coating durability.

*Eliminates the problem of missed bites due to glare from chipped paint
*Super hard, dimpled texture adds surface area without increasing head size, significantly increasing feel of the structure/cover being fished
*Jig head stays completely sealed which creates a much greener, more ecologically friendly product

From our proven designs to our meticulous attention to detail, you simply won't find a better jig than a Talon Custom Jig.

Yuugyo Bull Bream
Talon Yuugyo Heavy Duty Swim Jigs
Pete Ponds Finesse Swim Jig
Pete Ponds Finesse Swim Jigs
Talon Football Jigs
Talon Football Jigs
Talon Flipping Jigs
Talon Rattle Jigs
Talon Grass Jigs
Talon Grass Jigs
Talon Finesse Jigs
Talon Hardball Finesse Jigs
Talon Hybrid Swamp Spider Jig
Talon Hybrid Swamp Spider Jig
Talon Hybrid Ookii Jig
Talon Hybrid Shibui Ookii Jig
Billy McCaghren Elite Angler 
Billy McCaghren
FLW Tour Pro

Pete Ponds Elite Angler 
Pete Ponds
FLW Tour Pro

Elite Angler Ben Matsubu 
Ben Matsubu
Lakes Toledo Bend and
Sam Rayburn Guide,
Jig Fishing Expert and
Team Talon Angler


Lee Pitts
Alabama Lakes Professional
Fishing Guide and
Team Talon Angler

Phil and Jonathan Hennigan Media Bass Win
Phil Hennigan
Team Talon Angler
With Son
Jonathan Hennigan


Jeremy Burge and Kraig Welborn
Jeremy Burge
Team Talon Angler
Kraig Welborn


Kraig Welborn Bass N Bucks With Jeremy Burge
Kraig Welborn
Toledo Bend
Record Bass Holder
Team Talon Angler