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TALON Hardball Custom Finesse Jig

Developed by professional fishermen to meet the demands of tough conditions and the need to put fish in the boat no matter what, the TALON HARDBALLTM Custom Finesse Jig is a compact, ball head jig with the attitude, strength and endurance to land the fat ones time after time.


Talon's custom finesse head is perfectly balanced for fishing docks, brushpiles, and rocky areas. The rounded shape is ideal for skipping and dropping into deeper cover.

A super sharp 4/0 Mustad Ultrapoint Black Nickel Hook features a 600 horizontal line tie and has the perfect dimensions to enhance jig performance.

A molded barb holds trailers secure without tearing them, and a custom finesse weedguard is positioned at the correct angle to allow the bait to be fished through heavy cover, yet not impact hooksets.

Talon’s proprietary IntellicoatTM Super Durable Lure Coating will not crack, chip or peel.

Skirts are standard strand counts and cut a little longer to allow the angler to make customizations depending on the bite. Silicone skirts are copper wire wrapped and have a rattle band to accept optional rattles. Living Rubber and Rubber Hybrids are hand tied with wire only for ultimate flare and action.

2 Per Pack

Proudly Made In America










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