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Custom Buzzbaits

Pre-Tweaked, Tuned and Broken In for great performance and noisy clatter, eliminating the old "tie it to the antenna on the way to the lake" trick. And where would you find a mast style antenna these days anyways?
Classic design remains a productive and effective mainstay that deserves a place in every tackle box.
Wire wrapped skirts to thwart even the trickiest skirt stealers.
5/0 Heavy Ultra Sharp Mustad Nickel Hook holds up to repeated attacks.
Heavy spring tempered American Made stainless steel frame for durability as well as custom tuning on the go.

Fishing Tip: If your buzzbait simply disappears without a sound, it's probably Big Mama. Calm down and keep reeling 'till you feel pressure, then set the hook.

Proudly Made In America
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